Presentation is very important

The length of time it takes for you to sell or rent your property depends on a number of factors. This includes location, price, condition and the age of the property. Most property owners want to sell or rent their property quickly to start generating an income or to invest in another property. 

In order to quickly sell your property to a new owner or rent to a new tenant, follow these top tips.

  • Paint or clean dirty walls
  • Remove clutter like mops and buckets, tidy the kitchen and make the beds before taking photos and before a viewing.
  • Clean up any junk laying around outside
  • Wash the floors and clean the windows
  • Cut the grass and trim the trees.
  • If you have air conditioning, turn it on 15 minutes before a viewing.


Help your agent

Make it easy to sell or rent your property. Where possible make sure access is straightforward so your real estate agent can show people round without having to spend half a day tracking down keys if possible leave a key with the agent or install a key lockbox.  Click to view an inexpensive lockbox.  Also make sure your agent has up to date contact details for you so that they can make contact with you quickly. If you sell or rent the property tell your agent.

Be open to negotiations

Don’t necessarily turn down an offer that is subject to a condition. If a potential renter or buyer has requested for the bedroom to be painted before they move in, weigh up the cost of having the bedroom painted versus if the property was left empty for another month. Being open to negotiations often pays off financially in the long run.

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