Cost of Living

Thailand is safe, beautiful and cheap. From the misty mountains to the pristine beaches. From luxury hotels and resorts to modest accommodation you can choose.

There are several huge expat community in the country you can join. In major city, there are enough people who understand English and able to communicate with you, so you could enjoy your stay.

In remote areas where people don’t know English, you may have to learn a few word of basic Thai. But don’t worry, Thai people is great at trying to make communication. They will try many way like body language, Karaoke Language of anything that make you understand what they’re trying to say.

In terms of life style, there are plenty of entertainment centers, golf courses (if you like), spa, massage, good medical and dental care. Thailand also has superb hotel services anyone will love.

What more can we ask for? There is a saying among expats recently, it is something like “Thailand is arguable the cheapest place on Earth to live well”.

If you’re thinking of retiring overseas, Thailand is one of the best choices.

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